All Accepted and Registered Papers need to be formatted according to IEEE template (MS Word or Latex). Meanwhile, Copyright Signing and Camera-ready Paper Generating are necessary within stipulated time. 所有被接收及注册的论文均须按照 IEEE 全文模板进行排版。 同时,需要在规定时间内完成版权签署及终稿PDF转换。


1. Procedure流程


2. Copyright版权签署

IEEE requires that camera-ready paper which is accepted by CCISP 2020 MUST be signed with copyright for publishing. Authors need to login in CMT system ( Electronical Submission System) and complete copyright signing. IEEE要求所有被CCISP 2020会议接收的论文必须签署版权。 全文作者需要登录投稿系统完成版权签署。


# Open Date for Copyright Signing(版权签署开始日期): Oct. 10, 2020

# Close Date for Copyright Signing(版权签署结束日期): Oct. 30, 2020


Notice: Only camera-ready paper which has been signed with copyright can be included in IEEE Xplore. IEEE reserves the right to refuse publication of Camera-ready paper without copyright signing. 注意: 仅已完成版权签署的PDF终稿可以被IEEE Xplore收录。 IEEE保留拒绝出版未签署版权终稿的所有权。


3. Before Creating a PDF 终稿生成PDF前

Add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document. If necessary, contact Yizhang Jiang at for the appropriate copyright. 需在您源文件首页底部添加已签署的版权声明。如有任何版权签署疑问,请联系: Yizhang Jiang(Email:

Notice: Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision. 注意:请彻底校对你的源文件,以确认它不需要任何修改。


4. Camera-ready Version(PDF) 生成终稿(PDF格式)

IEEE requires only camera-ready version(PDF) for publishing. Authors need to login in IEEE PDF eXpress (Linkage: and get camera-ready verison. Only paper with standard format ( IEEE Template) can get camera-ready version (PDF), please format camera-ready paper according to IEEE template firstly. IEEE 只接受转换为PDF版本的文章终稿进行出版。 全文作者需登录 IEEE PDF eXpress (链接: 生成PDF版本终稿。 只有标准格式(IEEE模板)的文件才能生成PDF终稿,请先按照IEEE模板排版终稿。


# Open Date for Camera-ready Version Generating on IEEE eXpress 论文 PDF express 开放时间: Oct. 10, 2020

# Close Date for Camera-ready Version Generating on IEEE eXpress 论文 PDF express 关闭时间: Oct. 30, 2020


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